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‘Synergies’ is a coalescence of the seductive, richly pigmented ‘Resonance’ paintings and the beauty of nature’s forms. Photographed together through the seasons of a year, the images open portals into a realm that gives us solace and a deep sense of hope.

Synergies 2020 Collective

200 calendars found 200 homes around the world. A global collective moved through the images and the seasons together. The images fortuitously provided some respite in the unforgettable year that was 2020.


The words in ‘Haiku’: ‘Suspended in its beauty, you are captivated by the vision. The sight of one’s lover, the colours of a sunset, a child’s smile, a sea of Autumn leaves. In that moment we leave our frenetic world, and enter a realm of love. Here lies hope and a resistance.’

Look Up

The words in ‘Look Up’: ‘Your adornments seduce, Giver of shelter & home, Children entangled in your limbs shed fear, We dream your ripened fruits, Your flesh becomes our learning, You are the lungs of life, A reminder of all that connects us, In you, life can be examined, In your beauty we are less alone.’

flora: Ciudad de México

Mexico City is sprawling; Aztec remains sit beside the consumption points of modern day capitalism. Against the frenetic activity of the City, life is resilient. Throughout the seasons, the cityscape is punctuated by the silent beauty of seductive clusters of flowers. These moments of floral colour resist the grey uniform of the city. In nature the city dwellers find a most wonderful respite and hope is alive.

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