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A1.‘Dawn’, H70cmx W91cm, Oil On Canvas, 2004
A2.‘Scene’, H20.5cmxW30.5cm, Oil On Canvas, 2004
B1. ‘Being’ H30.5cmxW30.5cm, Oil On Canvas, 2000
B2.‘Swirl’, H41cmxW41cm, Oil On Canvas, 1999
B3.‘Distance’, H51cmxW51cm, Oil On Canvas, 2004
C1. H130cmxW150cm, Watercolour On Paper, 2000
C2. ‘Radiance’, H75cmxW85cm, Watercolour & Pigment On Paper, 2005
C3. H75cmxW75cm, Watercolour & Ink On Paper, 1999
D1. H125cmxW150cm, Watercolour & Pigment On Paper, 2001
D2. H150cmxW200cm, Watercolour & Pigment On Paper, 2005

“I am so struck at times by the intensity of colours in nature that they leave an emotional imprint in me. I go on to re-find these colours in paint attempting to capture those moods.”

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